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We are a publishing team of editors and graphic designers, partnered with global

printers and distribution centers. 


We publish B&W and color paperbacks, hardcovers, and all e-book formats.

The books are then made available for bookstores to order as easily as they do all their other inventory, offering them the same wholesale discount and returnability they expect. Our authors maintain full rights to their creative work, and we impose no order minimums whatsoever.



If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to publish your book, we're here to help.

The problem with self-publishing websites like KDP (previously known as CreateSpace), for example, is that they only make your book available online, not through actual bookshops (even when they tell you otherwise). You see, bookstores need to find your title listed in the same database and directory from which they order all their inventory, and they need to have it offered to them with the same expected wholesale discount as everything else in their store (a minimum of 40% off the retail price, all the way up to 55% off, depending on the store, it must be returnable, and so on). Unfortunately, online self-publishing websites and many independent publishers only extend a 10% discount to bookstores, which isn't enough for them to consider carrying your title (especially if it's non-returnable). We 
make sure your book is available for both retailers and readers alike.

Once your book is published, you will receive royalties on a monthly basis. You do not need to sign your life-savings away to be a published author, nor give up the rights to your own creative work. 

We are currently not accepting new authors to publish, but that may change in the future.

Wow!!! I am amazed. Thank you! I am so excited and a bit stunned."— A. Genova

"Wonderful to work with! I encourage all authors to collaborate with Hawkeye Publishers. You won’t be sorry."
—M. Webster

Bookstores take me seriously and say how nice it is that my book is available through Ingram, discounted, and with the return policy offered." —J. Smith

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