Publishing Made Easy

If you're looking for an easy way to publish or re-publish your book, but have no idea where to start, I can help.

The problem with self-publishing websites like CreateSpace, for example, is that they're only great for getting your book onto Amazon but not into actual bookshops. So if you want your title listed in the same database from which bookstores order all their inventory, available for them to stock through their normal distribution channels with their expected discount, then we'll do exactly that AND have your book available through online retailers!

My name is Timber Hawkeye, and I can efficiently transition your creative work into a beautiful hardcover book, paperback, ebook, large print edition, and even audiobook, all without stressing you out. How cool is that?

Once your book is published, you will receive royalties on a monthly basis, and you don't need to sign your life-savings away to be a published author. In fact, the four-step-process is painless, affordable, and easy to understand. Please note, however, that I do not publish children's books at this time.

My intention is to always be transparent and helpful, while never leaving you in the dark during any part of the publishing process. You will know where, when, and how your book is being made available for distribution to bookstores, online retailers, e-readers, etc.

So if you want your book available in brick-and-mortar bookstores AND sold online through all the retailers you can imagine (not only through Amazon), then I'm your guy. But if ALL you want is for people to order your book from Amazon (and you're not at all interested in bookstores being able to stock your book on their shelves), then go ahead and use CreateSpace, Lulu, or any one of the many self-publishing resources that specialize in online distribution. Please note, however, that most of them claim they'll make your book available to bookstores, but they do so without meeting independent bookstores' standards and requirements for retail, whereas I can guarantee your book will meet their qualifications. You can read about my own personal experience trying to self-publish through those other channels here, and you'll quickly see why it's not the way to go.

Publishing your book doesn't have to be frustrating or stressful; it can be easy-breezy, so let's do that!

Congratulations on finishing your book.. Now let's get you published!